Zebaoth Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, WI

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Symbols: Alpha and Omega; The Keys, a symbol for Peter; Paul; Trumpets for heralding; Cross and crown; Spirit and the Word; Sword of the Spirit; Pillory for whipping; Judas the Betrayer; Jesus feeding the 5000.
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Front Figures: Angels and shepherds; Bethlehem; Jesus in the temple; Resurrection; Crucifixion; Gethsemane; Jesus teaching the people
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Six Upper Symbols: Father; Son; Holy Spirit; Baptism; The Word (with Jesus at the center symbolized by the first two letters of his name in Greek); Lord's Supper.

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Law and Gospel:
Ten Commandments; Four Gospels.
Closeup o
f Jesus blessing the children
Parables Movable Window
Parables 1: Wait longer for the tree to bear fruit (Luke 16:6-9); Weeds among the wheat (Matthew 25:13-30); The Pharisee and tax collector (Luke 18:10-14); The rich fool (Luke 12:16-20).

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Parables 2:
Sower and the seed (Matthew 123:3-8); Finding the lost sheep (Luke 15:3-6); The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-35); The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-24).
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Symbols 1:
Tower of Babel; Jesus is the anchor for the soul; Jesus, the Bread of Life; Cross and crown; Beehive, symbolizing the Church; Ark of the Church; Glory of the cross; The cross is a rock of refuge; Joseph and his sons; OT Scriptures.
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Symbols 2: Cross leads to faith, hope, and love; Light of the Spirit; Hand of God's blessing; Holy Spirit; Wine; Bread; Praising the Lord; The light of the Word.

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Side Windows:
Rose, symbolizing Messianic prophecy; Lily, symbolizing the annunciation; Christmas rose, symbolizing Jesus' birth; Star, symbolizing Epiphany; Candlestick, symbolizing that esus is the light of the world; Cross and crown, symbolizing victory through the cross; Pomegranate, symbolizing he resurrection; Butterfly, symbolizing eternal life.
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Crosses, Row 1: Demi-sarceled cross; Mascly cross; Cross Fusilee; Maltese cross.
Crosses, Row 2: Fleurie cross
; Latin cross; Celtic cross; Arrow cross.
Crosses, Row 3: Jerusalem cross; Anchor cross; Cross Patee; Cross Cantonee
Crosses, Row 4: Bezant cross; Four pheons cross; Rebated cross or Swastika.

Click here for information on the symbols supplied by the congregation. (PDF document. Close window to exit.))