St. Peter Lutheran Church
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Front Window

Movable Window
Left Column: The Ten Commandments; Jesus' birth; Baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Center Column : The Kingdom of God extends throughout the world by the power of the Word; Jesus crucified for us; The glory of the cross results in the office of keys.
Right Column:Our prayers are acceptable to God by virtue of Jesus' cross; Jesus rules in heaven over all things; The Lord's Supper.

Rose Window

Jesus, the victorious Lamb of God.

Symbols of the Apostles Movable Window
Top Row: Paul; Simon; Jude; Matthew; James the Less; Thomas.
Bottom Row: Bartholomew; Philip; Andrew; John; James; Peter.

Click here for information on the symbols supplied by the congregation. (PDF document. Close window to exit.))