St. John's Lutheran Church
Wauwatosa, WI
Back Window Jesus' ascension
(Identity of the four men is uncertain.)
Symbols Movable Window
Top Row: Old Testament Scriptures; The keys; Empty cross; The Spirit working in Baptism; The Bible; Snake on a pole, representing Jesus; Flaming sword that excluded us from the Garden of Eden.
Second Row: Sacrificial altar, symbolizing Jesus; Anchor with lilies symbolizing the fact that Jesus' resurrection is the anchor of our souls; ?; Wheat, symbolizing the bread in the Lord's Supper.
Third Row: The light of the Word; Matthew; Luke; Jesus' battle with and victory over Satan.
Fourth Row: Empty cross; Mark; John; A vine symbolizing the wine in the Lord's Supper.
Fifth Row: Cross on the rock, symbolizing the church; Victory came through the cross; The Lord's Supper; The Word.
Sixth Row: Alpha; The Lamb as victor; Tree of life; Jesus' crucifixion; The Word; The Ten Commandments; Omega.
Bottom Row: The call of Moses; Trumpet and harp, symbolizing praise; "Peace To You" through the Word; The Church is built on the Word, which reveals Christ, the anchor of our souls; Safely in the ark of the church in Old Testament terms; Pipes, symbolizing praise; Jesus, our great physician.
Sample Side Window


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