St. James Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, WI
East Window Movable Window
Left Column: A tree with symbols of Jesus and the 12 Apostles.
Center Column: The Ark of the Covenant; The ship of the Church.
Right Column: The city built on a firm foundation, symbolizing the church.
Movable Window
Left Column: The seed that fell on the rocks.
Center Column:
The seed that produced a harvest; The seed that was choked by thorns.
Right Column: The seed that was eaten by birds.
Front and Side Window Composite Movable Window
Left Column: The Holy Spirit and Baptism; Jesus' heart filled with zeal for our salvation; The right to rule comes through the cross.
Center Column Left: Phoenix, symbolizing Jesus' resurrection; The harvest of souls; Scripture; A lyre to praise the Lord.
Center Column Right: Nails and a crown of thorn; Grapes symbolizing the wine of the Lord's Supper; The Ten Commandments; A harp for praising the Lord.
Right Column: Cross; The Word, the sword of the Spirit; The glory of the cross; Jesus, the anchor for our souls.