St. John's Lutheran Church
Sleepy Eye, MN

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Description of symbols in the composite image.

Side Window

Description of symbols in the composite image.
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Top Row: Communion Chalice; Ten Commandments; Cross; An empty grave bed, symbolizing the resurrection; Jesus' crown of victory
Second Row: The ark, symbolizing the church; Star of David, Grapes, symbolizing the wine in the Lord's supper of the fruits of faith; Jesus' loving heart; God's Word
Third Row: The Lord is our Light; Sign on Jesus' cross; The Lord's Supper; The Office of the Keys and Confession; Jesus' glory came through the cross
Fourth Row: God's all- seeing eye; Alpha; Omega; Jesus, the Lamb of God; Jesus' crown of victory
Fifth Row: The final harvest; Pelican and her young, symbolizing Jesus' atonement for sin
Sixth Row: Sun Flowers, symbolizing our following Jesus; Bee Hive, symbolizes the church in constant activity
Center: Luther's seal.
Symbols in the four windows: The Lord is our light; God's Word is our lamp; Baptism; Jesus is the anchor of our soul.

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