Saint Peter Lutheran Church
Schofield, WI
Front Window
Movable Window
Pillory for whipping; Swords and clubs; Jesus' cup of suffering.
Center: INRI (Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews); The Crucifixion; Crown of Thorns.
Right: The empty cross; Jesus' heart pierced with grief; Sky darkened?.
Back Window Movable Window
Left: The Word; Baptism; Lord's Supper
Center: Father; Son; Holy Spirit
Right: The empty cross; The Light of the Word; The Office of Keys and Confession.
Symbols Movable Window
Top Row: The Word; God the Father: The empty cross; Baptism; The victorious Son of God; The light of the Word; The Lord's Supper; The Holy Spirit; The Office of Keys.
Second Row: Pillory for whipping; INRI (Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews); Empty cross; Club and sword; Jesus' Crucifixion; Jesus heart pierced with grief; Jesus' cup of suffering; Crown of thorns; The sky darkened?.
Third Row: Baptism; Lord's Supper; Phoenix, symbol of the resurrection; Jesus' power over all things; Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; The Word, which is the sword of the Spirit.
Fourth Row: The message of the cross bears fruit by cleansing people of their sins; The cross is the anchor of our faith.; The Church is built on the rock; The butterfly, symbol of the resurrection; The Office of the Keys; Lilies, symbol of the resurrection; Fleur-de-dis, a cross in the shape of a lily, a symbol of the resurrection; A rose, symbol of God's promise of a Savior; The New Testament church symbolized by the symbols of the apostles.
Fifth Row: Satan, the tempter; The flaming sword barring access to Eden; The spread of sin; Noah's ark; Ten Commandments; Ark of the Covenant; Jesus' birth; A symbol of Jesus on the cross; Christ is in control of the world.