St. John Lutheran Church
Oak Creek, WI


Front Window The ascended Lord.
Jesus' Life Windows Movable Window
Jesus' Birth
Symbols: L The Wise Men; R Jesus is descended from David; the Good Shepherd; a Light shining ino the world Jesus' Baptism
Symbols: L Deeds: Feeding of the 5000; R Words: Jesus preaching God's Word Jesus in Gethsemane
Symbols: L The rooster crows; R Jesus' cup of suffering Jesus' Death and Resurrection
Symbols: L Jesus' Ascension; R The crown of thorns Pentecost
Symbols: L The Ten Commandments: R The Trinity Jesus and the children
Jesus, the Good Shepherd
Music Windows Movable Window
Praising God in song
Harp and Lyre
Luther Windows Movable Window
Luther's Seal
Martin Luther, Reformer
Gospel Writers Movable Window
Matthew, Mark
Saint Paul
Luke, John