St. Paul's Lutheran Church
North Fond du Lac, WI
(Original Building)



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Top Row: Thorn, symbols of Jesus' birth; Jesus' baptism; Palm Sunday; Lord's Supper
Second Row: Cup of Suffering, Judas' betrayal; Jesus whipped; Crown of thorns, nails
Third Row: Cross, spear, sop; Empty cross (skull at base of cross symbolizes the death of death; Phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing the resurrection; Elijah's chariot of fire, symbolizing the resurrection
Fourth Row: Jesus' staff and crown; Luther's Seal; Pelican and her young, symbolizing the resurrection; Sword of the Spirit, St. Paul; Angel sounding the last trumpet
Bottom Row: Peter; James; John; Christ on the cross, our hope in the day of judgment; Philip; Nathaniel; Thomas; Wheat and Grapes, possibly the fruits of faith; Ten Commandments; James the Less; Matthew; Jude; Simon; Matthias; Paul; Andrew

Angels The angels were located on either side of the altar and symbolize the hosts of heaven adoring Jesus.

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Large Symbols: St. Paul; Pelican and her young, symbol of Jesus' atonement; Luther's seal
Small Symbols: Center: the Law; Sides, wheat and grapes, possibly symbolizing the fruits of faith

Click here for information on the symbols supplied by the congregation. (PDF document. Close window to exit. This document was prepared by Carl Lawrenz, who served as pastor at St. Paul's early in his ministry.