St. Paul Lutheran Church
New Ulm, MN
Jesus' Exaltation
Left to Right: The Lord'sSupper; Jesus' Ascensi0n; Jesus the Good Shepherd.

West Windows

Movable Window
Left to Right: Philip: ?; Paul?; ?; Isaiah?; ?.

Jesus Humiliation
Left to Right: The boy Jesus; Jesus' crucifixion; Jesus' Baptism
East Windows

Movable Window
Left to Right: ?; Matthew; Luke; John; Bartholomew; Thomas.
Rose Window Movable Window
Clockwise from the top: The Lord's Supper; Torches in the Garden of Gethsemane; Swords and clubs; A pillory for whipping; Crown of thorns; Jesus offered something to drink; Crucifixion; Resurrection.
All Windows Movable Window
Additional Small Windows, Left to Right: Lord's Supper; Baptism; the Word; Jesus, the victorious Lamb of God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit.