Nain Lutheran Church,
West Allis, WI
Front Window Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection.
Side Window Raising of the young man of Nain
Side Windows Symbols Movable Window
Symbols 1 Abraham; Fellowship in Christ; Jesus' Baptism; The tempter, whom Jesus defeatedr; Prayer; The cross conquers the world, symbolizing missions; The seven-fold Spirit poured out on Pentecost; Palm Sunday; God's Word; Isaiah; Twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple.
Movable Window
Symbols 2 Jesus heals the blind man; Creation; Wedding at Cana; Sermon on the Mount; David, the psalmist; Maundy Thursday when Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper; Ascension; Sower and the seed; The Holy Spiritt; The Cup of suffering, symbolizing Good Friday; The Ten Commandments.
Composite of all Windows