Jordan Lutheran Church
West Allis, WI
Side Windows Movable Window
Jesus' Birth
Lower Symbols: Jesus' Birth in a manger; The nativity rose.
The 12-Year-Old Jesus in the temple
Lower Symobols: Old Testament Scriptures; Light of God's Word.
Jesus' Baptism
Lower Symbols: The Lamb of God; The first two letters of Jesus' name (Chi Rho) over a shell, which symbolizes Baptism.
Sermon on the Mount
Lower Symbols: The Crown comes through the cross; The herald's trumpet.
The Transfiguration
Lower Symbols: Peter's suggestion to stay on the mountain in three tents; Jesus shone like the sun.
Palm Sunday
Lower Symbols: Jerusalem, the King's city; Palm branches symbolizing praise, wrapped around roses, symbolizing Jesus.
Crucifixion and Resurrection
Lower Symbols: The Coming of the Spirit on Pentecost; A lily, symbolizing Easter.
Lower Symbols: The Word of the cross overcomes the world: The sword of the Word brings in a harvest of souls.

Front Window

Back Window

Back Windows Individuals Movable Window
Matthew, Mark, Jesus, Luke, John