Emanuel First Lutheran Church
Lansing, MI

Front Windows  
Crucifixion Window Movable Window
Betrayal money; Weapons to arrest Jesus; Pilate washes his hands; Crown of thorns; The nails; Jesus' seamless robe; Giving Jesus a drink; Jesus' heart pierced; Palm Sunday; Wine and bread, symbolizing Maundy Thursday; Jesus' arrested; Jesus whipped; Jesus carried his cross to Calvary.
Resurrection Window Movable Window
Symbols: Butterfly, symbolizing the resurrection; A trumpet to herald the good news; Phoenix, symbolizing the resurrection; Bursting pomegranate, symbolizing the resurrection of believers; Jesus' crown of victory; The chains of sin and death are broken; Jesus is the anchor for the soul; Palm branches, symbolizing victory; The tempter, whom Jesus overcame; Ten Commandments; Word of God; The water of Baptism; Outpouring of the seven-fold Spirit.
Back Window (Ascension)

Two Side Windows
Movable Window
Back Window Symbols: Alpha; Sun, symbolizing Jesus; Scepter and crown, symbolizing Jesus kingship; Luther's seal; Elijah's chariot, symbolizing the resurrection; Omega. Side Window Symbols: Light of the Word; Christ is the door; The law; The Word reveals the gospel of Jesus' death for us.

Click here for information on the symbols supplied by the congregation. (PDF document. Close window to exit.)