Immanuel Lutheran Church
Kewaunee, WI

Front Window Center Column: The hand of God the Father reaching down in blessing; The Holy Spirit; Ascended Jesus.
Left Column: Matthew; Mark.
Right Column: Luke; John.
Back Window The Nativity.
Side Windows Movable Window
Left Column: Creation and Fall; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Second Column: Moses; Isaiah and Daniel.
Third Column: The marriage at Cana and the Sermon on the Mount; Prodigal son and Jesus blessing the children.
Right Column: The Crucifixion and Resurrection; The Ascension and Pentecost.
Narthex and Entrance Windows

Movable Window
Left Column:The Creed; The Lord's Prayer; Baptism.
Second Column: The Ten Commandments; Communion; Office of the Keys.
Third Column: The ship of the church; God's presence among his Old Testament people.
Right Column: Luther's coat of arms; "A Mighty Fortress."
Baptistry Windows Movable Window
Left: The Trinity.
Second Column: Jesus is revealed in the Scriptures.
Third Column: Jesus' Baptism.
Fourth Column: The Lord's Supper.
Stairway Symbols Movable Window
Left Column: Organ; Trumpets and scroll; Lyre.
Right Column: Cross (faith); Anchor (hope); Heart (Christian love).

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