First Lutheran Church
Green Bay, WI
Front Window Movable Window
Upper Symbols: Father; Spirit; Son
Philip baptizes the Ethiopian eunuch
Jesus' crucifixion
The Lord's Supper
Balcony Window Movable Window
Isaiah; Daniel; The risen Savior; Jeremiah; Ezekiel
Side Windows

Movable Window
From Left to Right:
Promise of Savior
Fall into sin
Golden calf
Giving of the law
Penitant believers
The Prodigal Son
Birth of Jesus
The birth of Jesus announced to Mary
Jesus whipped
Crown of thorns
Jesus walks to Golgatha
Jesus' resurrection
Jesus Ascension

Back Windows Movable Window
Jesus, the Good Shepherd
Angels caring for children
Jesus blessing the children
Upper Windows

Movable Window
Row 1: Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip
Row 2; Bartholomes, Thomas, James the Less, Mathew, Jude.
Row 3: Simon, Matthias / Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Clothe the naked,
Row 4: Help the homeless, Visit the sick, Visit those in prison, Instruct the ignorant, Bury the dead.

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