Grace Lutheran Church
Waukesha, WI
Front Window Movable Window
Left Column: Matthew: Alpha and Omega, Jesus, the heart of Scripture's message; Mark.
Center Column: The victorious Savior.
Right Column: Luke; Jesus' right to rule came through the cross; John.
Jesus' life in 22 scenes Movable Window
Top Row: The angels tell the shepherds about Jesus' birth; Jesus' birth; The wise men; The flight to Egypt; Jesus in the temple; Jesus' Baptism; Sermon on the Mount.
Second Row: Jesus comforts the sinner; Jesus rescues Peter when he doubted; Jesus raised Jairus' daughter; Parable of the sower and the seed.
Third Row: Jesus institutes the Lord's Supper; Jesus in Gethsemane; Jesus tried; Jesus carries his cross.
Bottom Row: The crucifixion; The angel shows the women the empty tomb; Jesus greets the women at the empty tomb. The risen Savior appears to Mary; Jesus talks with the two men on the road to Emmaus; Jesus ascends into heaven; Jesus knocking on the door of hearts that resist him.
Symbols Movable Window
Top Row: The rose that symbolizes prophecies about Jesus; Luther's seal; Lilies, symbolizing the anunciation to Mary of Jesus' birth; "Jesus Christ" in Latin; God's Word.
Bottom Row: Alpha and Omega; The cross is the anchor of our souls; The crown of glory God will give to his people; Cross on a rock, symbolizing the security of the church; Jesus rules over all things.