Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, WI
East Window Jesus, the Good Shepherd

West Window The angel appears to the women at the empty grave.

Symbols Movable Window
Top Row: Ten Commandments; Demi-Sarcelled cross; Star of Jesus' birth; Alpha; Omega.
Second Row:
Luther's Seal; Lamb and the seven seals (click here for more information); INRI in crown of thorns; INRI, first letters in the Latin for "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews"; IHS, the first three letters of "Jesus" in Greek;
Third Row: Wine in the Lord's Supper; Bread in the Lord's Supper; Anchor, cross, and Bible; The Holy Spirit, who brings us God's peace; Cross and crown.
Bottom Row: Cross on the rock: The cup of suffering (or the Lord's Supper); The sword of the Word; The Bible.

Gray Shields Movable Window
Top Row: The Ten Commandments; The Bible; Jesus' cup of suffering (or the Lord's Supper).
Bottom Row: Jesus' crown of victory, which he will give us to wear on the last day; The Spirit working in Baptism; Jesus, the anchor of our souls.