David Star Lutheran Church
Jackson, WI
Altar Windows Jesus knocking at the door; Jesus, our Good Shepherd.
Symbols Movable Window
Left Column:
Jesus, the anchor of our soul and his zealous heart; Jesus, the Alpha and the Omege (beginning and end); Victory through Jesus' cross; The Ten Commandments; Crown of life.
Right Column: Ship of the Church; A rooster, symbolizing the resurrection (click here for more information); Wheat, symbolizing the bread in the Lord's Supper; Baptismal font; The light of God's Word..
Front Windows Movable Window
Left Window:
Holy Spirit; The fruit of Jesus' resurrection symbolized by a live vine growing around the cross; "Jesus is our Life." Right Window: The Word; The Lord's Supper. "Christ is our Peace."
(These windows are located behind the altar and are rarely seen.)
Sample Side Window