Atonement Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, WI
East Window Movable Window
Symbols Left to Right: The crucifixion and God's judgment on Jesus in our place; The resurrection, the empty tomb, and the symbol of Christ's victory; The ascension, symbolized by a chariot of fire.
West Window Movable Window
Symbols Left to Right: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Baptism; The seven-fold Spirit is given to the church; The Lord's Supper and the twelve apostles.
Side Windows Movable Window
Left Column: The atonement (which refers to sins being covered over) was effected through the death of Jesus; Jesus' birth;
Jesus overcame the results of sin, which entered the world through Satan's successful temptation of Adam and Eve.
Right Column: Luther's Seal; The sword of the Spirit is the Word, a symbol for the Apostle Paul; Isaiah.

Back Windows Movable Window
Jesus' victory extends over the whole world; The empty cross/resurrection; Jesus' cross is the anchor for our souls; Jesus zeal for our salvation keeps us safe; Marriage.